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Auto Accidents 

An auto accident can be a stressful overwhelming experience for anyone. As experienced Ogden lawyers, we are here to offer you 24hr assistance to ensure your rights stay protected. Dealing with the other party's insurance companies can be a headache when you are trying to get the compensation you're entitled to. Let Farr-Rasmussen-Farr help you have a Far better experience resolving the insurance issues for you. We have many years of knowledge and know how to
handle these claims for you. 


Motorcycle Accidents 

A motorcycle accident can happen with the blink of an eye and the injuries sustained could be permanent. These events occurred have complex issues and need extensive research, especially if it is with one vehicle or a hit and run with no witnesses. Even with witnesses they may have not seen the whole accident or was aware of what was going on during this time. If you or a loved
one has been in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help. 


Semi-Truck Accidents 

Semi-truck accidents have different laws that they must follow while driving on the road. It can become frustrating during the investigation process because the rules are much different from an auto accident. Usually semi-truck employees drive aggressively to meet their deadlines causing accidents. If you have been in a semi-truck accident, you need an attorney on your side, call Farr-Rasmussen-Farr today. You can rest assured that we will not let them walk away from a collision without being penalized. 


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